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Wishful Watoosi
The Horse That Wished He Wasn't


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Watoosi Cover

(From the Cowgirl Peg website) - Watoosi is a rather odd-looking horse. He feels embarrassed around other horses because none of them look like him. He prefers hiding in a horse trailer so no one can see him.

Then one day his life changes. His "boy" takes him to the county fair.

Watoosi discovers that instead of being "odd", he is "unique", which makes him very special. This book contains a wonderful message for young readers about self esteem. A photo of the real Watoosi is included at the end of the story.

Cowgirl Peg welcomes well-known western writer Corinne Brown to the series. Corinne met Watoosi at a stable, took photos of him, then proceeded to write this wonderful story.

Published by Peggy Sundberg, it is a perfect addition to the "Cowgirl Peg" books.











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