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Articles —

With over 350 articles in print, here are just a few samples.

If you are curious about a specific genre, please contact me to find out more.


Too Cool to be a Cowboy (Royal Wade Kimes)
Riders in the Sky
Rail Benders
A Cowboy's Cowboy Song Singer (Bill Barwick)
Wrangler - Jeans That Won The West
Bangles Baubles Belt Buckles
Riding The Outlaw Trail - Bootmaker To The Stars
People and Places
Survivor Denver - WESA
Preservation By Design - Cherokee Ranch Castle
Behind The Westerns Channel
Great American Wild West Show
The Fort Restaurant
Book Review - One Ranger
Adam Jahiel

Books —

The following are my currently published books. If you cannot find them at your local retailer outlet, please click here to access this site's online store!

Hidden Star

The revelation of a hidden past that leads to a crypto Judaic search for the truth behind a Northern New Mexico latina and her ancesty.

More information coming soon!

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Come and Get It!

In Come and Get It!, Corinne Joy Brown deftly positions the beauty and charm of western-themed dinnerware within the context of American popular culture and cowboy history...

Come and Get It! has no competition; its one of a kind. Collectors will find invaluable information; fans of cowboy culture will be hugely entertained and enlightened.

Click here to order from my online store -- still available at reduced prices! Now only 21.95!

Wishful Watoosi - The Horse That Wished He Wasn't Published by Cowgirl Peg

Watoosi is a rather odd-looking horse. He feels embarrassed around other horses because none of them look like him. He prefers hiding in a horse trailer so no one can see him. Then one day his life changes. His "boy" takes him to the county fair. Watoosi discovers that instead of being "odd", he is "unique", which makes him very special.

Sanctuary Ranch - Published by Five Star

Somewhere between the windswept ridges of Northern Wyoming and the heat of a New Jersey summer lies the dream of a young woman's life - to become a western music star, in spite of all odds. Press release.


MacGregor's Lantern - Published by Five Star

By the close of the 19th century, wealthy Scottish and English cattle barons vied for control of the Western prairies. One Scot, Sir Kerr McKennon, seeks a marriage of convenience and alliance with his bank president's daughter. Prompted by the existing promise of equality in Wyoming, Margaret Dowling willingly abandons Philadelphia society to carve out a new life with a stranger











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