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Make a payment online

This page allows my clients to pay invoices, make speaking deposits (when necessary) and take care of those minor financial matters that crop up from time to time. Besides, in today's crazy world, making life as simple as possible for everyone is one of the reasons for websites!

To make a deposit or pay an invoice, complete the following and click Continue -
Invoice # or Payment Reason:

Credit Card services provided by PayPal.


If you have problems making a payment from this page, please email us for other options and help.


  • If you have an invoice number, please enter it where shown. Otherwise, enter a brief reason for this payment.

  • After entering the amount and clicking the Continue - > button, you will be transferred to our PayPal credit card account.

  • Complete the charge information requested by PayPal.
  • Special: You do not have to have a pre-existing PayPal account in order to make payments to us.







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